July 29
11:46 pm


We have a secret.  The fields are greener than ever before, thanks to an extremely rainy and humid summer.  But most kids don’t realize that there have only been a handful of beautiful Maine days.  That’s because we go with the flow and change on the fly.  

Take last night’s Ring of Champions.  The campfire was built and the marshmallows ready to roast.  Just before the kids were about to head over, the light drizzle turned to rain.  Time to go with the flow (of rain, that is) and bring it inside.   The fireplace was ablaze, the music played, and it’s as if it was meant to be.

Hustle began with his Echo Canyon Skit.   “Baloney!” he shouted, demonstrating the canyon’s echo.  JRob stands and says, “JRob’s the hardest working person at Camp Skylemar!”  Hustle’s echo responds softly, “baloney, baloney, baloney”.  Very clever!

Sam R and The 22’s performed “Hey Ho” by The Lumineers.  Hustle awarded Sam an Xmen tshirt, for helping every campfire.  Three inspirational speeches were reenacted, and Adventure Man visited.  He and Bunk 9 did a skit about how to avoid getting hugs from costumed mascots at theme parks. 

Finally, it was time for the camp’s favorite Taco Song, with the well-known line “get on out of my taco, uhhh”.  Ask your son for a demo – it’s great.  Hustle surprised all with some new words, “A cool refreshing taco.  A chocolaty delicious taco. ..!”  Rich comes out of the kitchen with boxes of Choco Tacos.  The crowd goes wild, and chants “CHACO TACO! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)”.  That’s another one you have to ask your son to demo.  Bottom line:    Everyone forgot about the rain.

Today was definitely go-with-the-flow and change on the fly.  Morning:  Drizzly.  Cancel the beach.  Afternoon:  Sunny.  Bring on the lake.  Evening:  Thunderstorms. Keep them busy inside. 

The storm came while we were inside having Chinese food.  The sky turned black, thunder clapped, so we needed to stretch the meal until the weather passed.  Shep came up with one of his best ideas: a fortune cookie faceoff.  Each table had to share their fortunes with each other, and then select the best one to be read in front of the camp. 

After a looooong time for discussion, Shep arranged the representatives from each bunk in a looooong line, and each “contestant” was given the microphone.  The winning bunk had the honor of going first in the looooong desert buffet.  Way to stretch an hour!

The clouds cleared long enough to head back to the cabins for a bit, while Hustle and Jakuzi changed the evening activity on the fly.  It was too wet for Capture the Flag, but was perfect for JC Squares!

It was the idea of “Hollywood Squares”, but our stars in the boxes were anything but has-beens.  Instead they were our brilliant, funny and charismatic JC’s.  Even cabins vs odds, and after winning a name-that-tune round, it was the JC’s turn to answer a question.  For example, what university has the largest football stadium by seating capacity?  University of Michigan.  What does GPS stand for?  Global Positioning System.   According to the song, his name is my name too.  Who is he?  John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidtt.  What classic children’s toy started out as wall paper cleaner?  Play Dough.

Meanwhile, socials and Super Nights Out for the older guys.  No need to stretch, stall or change these activities. 

July 28
10:53 pm


We all know who runs the country.  It’s not so much the President.  It’s more about his Cabinet.

So it goes in the United States of Skylemar.  The team who runs the show, our “cabinet”, is referred to as Senior Staff.  They are our superstars. 

Most are teachers and coaches, and many are Skylemar parents.  Several were counselors and former campers who grew into the position.  All are committed to making the world a better place, one Skylemar boy at a time. 

They arrive two weeks early, to plan every Sky day, develop the curriculum for each activity, brainstorm new ideas and fine-tune the old.  They set the course for Staff Orientation.  That’s the important week when we teach counselors how to teach, inspire, parent and keep everyone safe.

The Senior Staff are builders.  Rich builds our structures.  Red builds the schedule.  The nurses build bodies.  All build our team of counselors into one well-oiled machine.  The Senior Staff builds confidence, athletic ability, relationships and values.

Each one “gets” what’s important in life and that why they’re here:  to build young men of character, whether they are 9 or 19.  Along the way  they put on wigs and costumes, sit in dunking booths, deliver clean laundry, spin cotton candy, and help a little guy to feel better when something doesn’t go his way.  They come alive on rainy days when everyone else is sleepy and tired.  They stand ready to mobilize in a thunderstorm, and cheerfully start their day before seven and end after midnight.  After all, taking care of kids and counselors is a round the clock job.

As you can imagine, there’s never a dull moment at Skylemar. In fact, the Senior Staff meets after every meal to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening over the next three hours.   The kids make sure they rarely rest or relax.  Seniors Staffers take this all in stride, and jump in wherever needed.  They understand the magnitude of their responsibility:  to safely lead and inspire a community of 350 people. 

We’re proud that you gave up the comforts of home to instead share a cabin with others at Skylemar.  We’re glad that you’re fun, understanding and creative.  Thank you, Senior Staff, for directing our counselors, and for working behind the scenes so that others will shine.

July 28
12:22 am


Best commercials ever for the final clinics of the 2013 season!  It’s the last chance of the year to try something new or improve in what you already like.  Counselors “advertised” fifteen terrific and unique options:

Box Lacrosse:  Played inside the hockey rink, using a tennis ball.

Color War Tune Up on the Fred Pierce Field:  Learn how to hit over the fence, pitch and swing.

Strength & Conditioning:  Cross fit training.  Gordo and Evan guarantee improvement!

Futsal:  Back by popular demand.  Each indoor soccer period ends with chocolate milk.

Chill at the Hill Part 2:  Make tshirts, graffiti prints, bracelets and more.

Gold Medal at the WoFro:  Olympic trials, including the Mega and Mini Monster and  Challenge.

Pirates of the Caribbean Sailing:  Find Davy Jones Locker on Trickey Pond!

Canoe Battle Ship:  Canoeing fun plus the zipline water course.

Basketball Defense:  Shut down defender as well as rebounding skills.

Tennis Tech:  Before and after video analysis of your tennis game.

Golf Color War Prep:  Work on winning that Green Jacket.

Freeze Frame Skiing:  Have your picture taken while behind the boat!

Fantasy Football Clinic:  Mock drafts and rosters.

Ping Pong Golden Paddle:  Work on serves and returns, to make you the best player in history

Last Chance Reading:  There’s a week left to finish your summer reading assignments!

Congrats to Ryan J. He won the Golden Golf Club this week.  Also congrats to those who brought back ribbons from a swim meet:  Luke S, Bosco, Eli D, Ryan J, Woods, Sam F, Gibby, Marc R, Adam G, Miles K, Alex K, Pedro, Zack G, Pelayo, Tomas, Ben C, JT, Cole G and Ben L.  Our counselors, Picnic, JD, Ty, Gonzalo, were the winners of the counselor relay for three years in a row!

U10 lax won the first intercamp game in a round robin this afternoon, with Jake G as our phenomenal goalie and Sascha having four amazing goals.  Second game went to OT, and we came up short.  For sure we had the better sportsmanship, which is far more to be proud of. 

SNL for Evening Activity.  That’s Skylemar Night Live.  First act was “Reality Smackdown”.  It was Duck Dynasty vs Honey Boo Boo.  Shep may have found his calling as Honey Boo Boo’s mother, wearing a lovely green gown.  At the end of the skit, Shep called out, “Live from Naples!  It’s Skylemar Night Live!”

 Campers and counselors got together on a number of really funny skits.  Danny R did a great Adam Sandler singing  “The Hanukah Song”.  Jake and Suzie were hysterical doing the cheerleader skit.  Other members of the SNL cast who did a terrific job were Zach F, Jake W, Jake B ,Gibson, LJ,Josh S, Jace, Tyler M, Nick M, Max R,Sam R, Eli D, Jed L  and Leo.

Forgot to mention another fun Hustle production:  “How Well Do You Know The Staff” . Non-bunk staff members completed questionnaires, and Hustle compiled the answers.  Campers sat in teams, and three were called to the stage.  He said something like, “If stranded on a desert island with only one food, which person would like that food to be risotto?  Joel, Georgia or Red?  Each team votes, and gets a point if correct.  Turns out risotto man is Joel.  Really??






July 27
1:15 am


A heavy dew fell this morning, which meant rainy day activities.  Sky II watched a movie in the Lodge, while the rest of camp played “Rasta Bunko”.  It’s Bingo with a Skylemar twist.

Our guys are way too cool to play the regular old game.  Our Bingo Hall has reggae music and Jamaican bingo callers.   The squares on the cards have counselor names instead of numbers, so they call out “B Jack” and so forth. 

When you have five in a row you call out “Rasta Bunko”!  That means your whole bunk is up for a prize, assuming the selected counselor can do the random stunt.  For example, JFink had to do “The Chicken Dance”.  Tell had to push a ping pong ball across the room with his nose.  Nick had to do 30 pushups in a minute.  Sam K had to burp 5 times.  Georgia had to do her best air guitar.  Brad had to act out the words to the song “Taps”.  Our counselors truly are great sports.  They’ll do anything for their kids to win blow up saxophones, yo yos, plastic bugs and head umbrellas.

The afternoon was playable, but still windy and overcast.  Only the die-hards went swimming or skiing, while the rest went boating.  Field and court activities worked out for the most part.  Ginger-bread-bunk-making for some of the younger kids.  Not sure if more candy went on the bunk or in the mouth.

Quebec is back to camp, wearing their souvenir hockey jerseys.  They had an amazing time, and were surprised at how French Quebec truly is.  Almost no English is spoken there.  For most, it was their first time out of the country.

They toured the Old City, with historic landmarks, quaint shops, cafes and dozens of street performers.  The knife juggler was especially talented.  So was the man who jumped through the ring of fire.  A highlight was watching The Changing of the Guard at La Citadelle Quebec.    It’s a precisely choreographed ceremony involving the inspection of the troops by the officers, music by the Royal 22e Regiment Band, and the regimental mascot, Batisse the goat.

Montmorency Falls, higher than Niagara, were incredible.  Mist fills the air as the water furiously crashes nearby.  The Plains of Abraham, a famous French and Indian War battle site, was perfect for a barbecue.  The Chez Marie Bakery’s outdoor brick ovens are especially interesting.  Delicious homemade bread with a smear of maple butter came at the end of the tour. 

Most unforgettable was the Basilica of Sainte Anne de Beaupre. The Basilica is known around the world as a place of healing, and each year thousands make pilgrimage.    Hanging on the gilded walls and ceilings are hundreds of crutches and wheelchairs no longer needed by those who were healed.    It’s such an incredibly moving testament of human faith, that those of any or no religion feel touched with emotion when entering the shrine. 

The food was fantastic in Quebec City.  The boys ate Beaver Tales (fried dough with Nutella and banana), gelato and waffles on a stick.  They tried Spruce Beer Soda.  It tasted like drinking a pine tree!

Is it an amusement park or a shopping center?  In Quebec, they’re one and the same.  Half the kids rode the giant indoor rollercoaster, while others shopped.

Is it an ice rink or a campground?  For Skylemar, they’re one and the same too.  Sixty years ago the Mayor of Quebec allowed Skylemar to sleep in the locker room of the Quebec Nordiques.  This is a Skylemar tradition that continues today. 

July 26
12:00 am


The  Mt. Washington Attackmen have returned!  These guys have a lot to be proud of.  They hiked the world famous Tuckerman’s Ravine.  When they reached the top they had a cup full of the world’s best tasting water.  The view was magnificent, especially because they were just below the clouds. 

They spent the night in the Joe Dodge Lodge, which is sort of a rustic hotel with meals included. They were very hungry after the rigorous climb, so whatever the lodge served was tasty.  Even the Curried Yogurt Soup.  Well, maybe not that, but the chicken and meatballs were delicious.

After a fantastic breakfast, they hiked some more, and then ended up at the movie theatre.  By tradition, Shep sleeps through whatever movie they watch.  However, this year’s selection (“Grown Ups 2) was so lousy that he couldn’t sleep.  You may want to take a pass on this one.

Winny Trip is back too.  They had perfect weather for Weir’s Beach.  Ideal for splashing and playing in the sand.  Boardwalk was a blast as well.

They cruised the lake on the MS Washington excursion ship.  Many will never forget sliding down New Hampshire’s tallest water slide too.  Gunstock Mountain Resort was where they slept and they enjoyed home cooked meals, thanks to Maurice.  Mo’s Farmer’s Scramble was the best breakfast ever!

Here in Naples, we had a great showing in a 10/11/12 singles tennis tournament at a nearby camp.  Congrats to Ben L for being a semi-finalist.  Zach F and Grady T played well in the consolation round.  Gabriel M was our star, who came in #1.

Water Polo was popular at the lake today. Evan G had 4 goals and Josh W had two.  Will O played  a great defense. 

Evening Activity was terrific.  It was the Camp Skylemar Amazing Race, directed by Hustle.

Here’s how it works:  Camp is divided into 6 groups (ie. Bunks 3,4,22,23,), and there are seven team challenges set up around camp.  Teams have to make 30 free throws, 30 tennis serves, bounce ten ping pong balls into five cups on the opposite side of the ping pong table, rally 30 times on the volley ball court without touching the ground, toss a Frisbee 30 times at least 20 yards to a teammate standing in a hoola hoop, score 20 PKs on soccer director Wellie in the net, and answer 20 Trivial Pursuit questions without the aid of an electronic device.

Upon successfully completing a challenge the group gets a clue.  Clues form a riddle, which the winning team must answer. The riddle directs you to a final task and a location.  Congratulations to Team 1,2, 24 & 25.  They got to sign the 2013 Amazing Race “trophy “which will hang in the Shack forever.

July 24
11:07 pm


The timing of Trip Week is strategic.  Playing sports and having fun for 35 days straight days is just a little tiring, so Trip Week gives us the chance to catch our breath.

Of course the trips are exciting and filled with nonstop adventure, but for those at camp not on a trip, the day is laid back and relaxing.  There’s a schedule as usual, but groups are smaller so periods are more casual.

For example, instead of our traditional third period clinics, we instead had JC Mini Clinics.  Today there was Dodge Ball (with marshmallows), Extreme Bocce, Team Hand Ball, Tennisbaseball, Card Games and Chillin’ in the GC (Garden Cabin). 

Campers may sit wherever they want at meals, and table combinations are interesting.  Some choose to sit as they always do, while others move across the room and sit with a mix of ages.  It’s fascinating to see who is at each table.

Everyone’s in a good mood.  It’s fun to have a whole cabin for half the number of people, at least for one night.  It’s like when the kids sleep out and you find yourself in a quiet house.  Two nights would be too quiet, but one is nice.  A little bit of time away helps us to appreciate each person who’s gone. 

When we slow down there’s time to notice the flowers, marvel at the mountain views, savor the sunset and recognize each little creature who flies or scurries by.  Skylemar photographers capture these special wonders frequently through their magical lens. 

Leslie, Shannon and John.  Three of the kindest, most talented people, who make our world more colorful.  They capture the moments to treasure forever, and keep us connected. 

First, there’s our lovely Leslie, a parent of three grown Skylemar children (four, if you count her husband Aaron), who contributes her entire summer to capturing Skylemar faces.  In return, she receives our deepest gratitude and hundreds of smiles from those who adore her.  Then there’s Shannon, our other sparkling gem, who happens to also be a Packers fan.  She’ll play just about anything, and always makes time for being with the kids.  And finally John, the creative genius behind Sky photography. He knows and cares about every camper, and will do anything to help anyone at Camp Skylemar.

As we celebrate the natural beauty of this land, we understand why Herb and Lee chose SkyFarm as the place to build their world.  Tremendous views, protective trees, rolling hills, plus 170 happy young faces.  What could be more beautiful?

July 24
12:32 am


Trip week is here!  First and second year campers are now back from their two day adventure, while fifth years campers have arrived safely in Quebec. 

The Cannon “Fogateers” left Monday morning, and headed for the Franconia Notch region of New Hampshire.  First stop was the Attitash Mountain waterslide.  Twists, turns, tunnels and lots of splashing.  Then they headed to the campground for lunch and setting up of tents.

Next was supposed to be Cannon Mountain, but by then the weather had turned too foggy for a hike or the tram.  Instead, they went to the movies, to see “Despicable Me” or “Turbo”.   McD’s for dinner, then back for a campfire. 

While the kids were cozy in the tents, “liquid sunshine” fell from the sky.  Some of the counselors who chose to sleep under the stars, instead moved under tables to stay dry.  Delicious, hot breakfast in the morning, but the weather still wet.  Again, instead of chancing the mountain, they changed the plan and headed to Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves.   

Lost River is a maze of steep walled gorges and rugged boulder caves, guided by boardwalks.   You may remain on the boardwalk, or accept the challenge of caving in the Dungeon or Lemon Squeezer.  Everyone got wet and dirty, so the bus driver turned up the heat.  The group never did make it up Cannon Mountain due to weather conditions, which was a first for Maurice who has led this trip for the past 25 years.  Nevertheless, it was a super trip.

Second year campers headed to Boothbay.  They went out to sea for seal watching and lobster fishing.  After they pulled a lobster from the trap, it was time to eat.  Lobster, of course, unless you wanted something else.  Mini golf,  then s’mores by the campfire at YMCA Camp Knickerbocker.  The YMCA has kindly hosted Skylemar for more than 40 years.  They have a rustic shelter to keep us dry no matter what. 

Amazing breakfast in the morning, then off to a private showing of “Despicable Me”, before the theatre opened to the public.  Next was supposed to be a day at the beach, but definitely a weather “no go”.   Instead they went to the Maine State Aquarium.  They got to see a 17 pound lobster, as well as a rare blue lobster.  Pizza lunch, and home they came. 

Back at camp, there was so much rain that the road washed out.  As always, Rich and his crew were there for repairs.  Gym/Lodge Swap, and by afternoon we could play a modified schedule. 

Hollyrock Entertainment came to Skylemar for evening activity.  It’s a professional game show, which combines trivia and stunt play.  Big Al is the MC, and he definitely knows how to make a party rock.  The room gets divided into two teams, and volunteers get called up to answer questions or to do something silly.  Occasionally the team can get extra points for answering a “Camp Question”.

Here’s a sample of how it’s played:  Al calls for three volunteers for each team, and the round begins.  Joey C quickly answered what a baby kangaroo is called.  (a joey).  Danny R knew the 16th president. Rocky knew the drummer for the Beatles.   The camp question, “what was for dinner last night” stumped many of us.  No one knew what ATM stood for (but they sure know how to use one), but they did know that a new car comes with 5 tires, as well as the quarterback for the Chargers.

Stunts included hoola hooping, dancing, and the world’s most challenging Simon Says.  One involved blindfolding the counselor volunteer, then seeing how many times he could catch the ball.  Another required a counselor to put a plunger on his head, and two kids were selected to play “ring toss”.  First team to get three rings on the plunger handle wins.   

Best part was watching the kids cheer when a player got the right answer.  When a participant came back to his seat, he was swarmed with a crowd of warm wishers.  Super fun night.

July 22
11:53 pm


They say it takes a village, but we say it takes a maintenance staff.  And a kitchen crew.  Plus the most beautiful ladies in the world:  our nurses, Bunksters and office gals.

These are our Skylemar’s heroes, who along with the counselors, do whatever it takes for each boy to succeed.  Whether it’s the person who grills the chicken, mows the field, takes the temperature, reads the bedtime story or copies the IC Day song sheets, each is an important member of the Skylemar family who we love and respect.

Take Rich Snow, who begins every day before sunrise, and heads to the pump house to test our drinking water.  From there he places grocery orders to feed 350.  By 7am his list of daily assignments for 19 maintenance workers is complete.  He then rolls out dough for cinnamon buns (because his are the kid’s favorite), shingles a roof, fixes a toilet, accepts numerous deliveries, puts on scuba gear to place anchors 30 feet below lake surface, and always takes the time to correctly answer just about any question in the world.  Trust us, if you have to be stranded on a desert island, Rich is the guy to have along. 

Going golfing and need a collared shirt?  See Norma.  Need that shirt ironed?  See Linda.  Need your entire cabin organized so that eight people can keep track of all belongings?  Call the Bunksters.  Need a bandaid, hug or cup of Gatorade?  The nurses have it.  Need it lactose, gluten or peanut free?  Tree is on it.   Talk about doing for others!  These ladies are the champs.

And who are the ones who pleasantly tolerate a camp director with last minute ideas, and magically turn the visions into reality?  Like a SkyDeck perhaps?  That would be George G, Sonny, Amy, Danny, CJ, Kristen, Cindy, Jake, Tommy and the rest of the talented crew, responsible for maintaining our 200 acres.     

Certainly no one tries harder to please than Jr, Willie, Lil and their fantastic kitchen assistants.  Feeding hundreds of hungry boys is a monumental task.  Ask about Skylemar food, and you’ll hear, “it’s awesome” and “great”.  Of course it’s nowhere near as good as Mom’s (and sometimes Dad’s), but we’ll take second best. 

Each of our heroes believes in the power of a Skylemar summer.  They take tremendous interest in every Skylemar boy.  They show him the humming bird, teach him some Spanish, bake him some cookies.  Most importantly, they take a minute to laugh with the kids, patiently help them, and join in with the fun. Each and every staff member is a piece of the puzzle of Skylemar.

July 22
12:55 am


Congratulations to Bunks 4 and 13!  They won “Honor Cabin”, because they had the highest inspection scores of the week.  

Today’s GACU (Great American Clean Up) kicks off a new week to score.  Super Inspection, laundry out, showers, infirmary health check and the foot spa for clipping toenails.  Not a favorite job, but it has to be done, so we might as well have fun with it.

The laundry system works amazingly well.  Each boy has a “bongo” hamper, in which to throw his clothes.  It’s much more effective to play basketball with a dirty tshirt than it is to pull apart the strings of a traditional bag.  On Sundays, the laundry then goes into a special barcoded bag, with zippers on three sides.  It comes back a couple days later, cleaned and folded.  The zippers make it really easy to neatly transfer from bag to cubbie. If a camper thinks he’s missing something, the laundry service knows for sure because each item is videotaped on the way in and on the way out. 

Weather was spectacular, magnificent and glorious.  True Maine summer weather – hot, dry and sunny during the day.  Cool and cozy at night, so sleeping comes easy. 

Ideal for League play.  Each division had an intense game of either soccer, football, hoops or baseball.  Lots of waterfront too.  Bunks 5, 12, 13, 18 and 19 went ice skating.  It’s always fun to mix young and old campers when it’s not a competitive sport. 

It’s the Blow Up Carnival!  Huge inflatables were placed on the Fred Pierce Field.  Obstacle course, bungee run, tippy ladders, jumping house, the wrecking ball and jousting.  Music pumping, snowcones and “Hey” Rides on the tractor wagon. 

Hope tomorrow’s another pretty one!    

July 21
12:59 am


A Skylemar tradition falls several days after Visiting Day.  It’s the door-to-door collection of treats to be donated to the nearby Food Pantry.  It’s far more productive and heartwarming to “invite” the guys to give away Visiting Day food, as opposed to “taking it”. 

Those still with candy and such are eager to drop what they have into the charity sack.  Those without somehow find a piece of something to contribute.  Even those who “don’t think they have anything left” come around when they hear the quick story about the kids we met when volunteering at The Food Pantry.  There’s an abundance of canned goods and peanut butter, but no one thinks of contributing candy except for Skylemar. The treats bring a smile to those who perhaps haven’t done so in a while.

Speaking of smiles, there are plenty of those at the Waterfront.  There are gleeful smiles when leaping off the pontoon, and joyful smiles when jumping on the trampoline with friends.  Best of all are the “I did it” smiles.

“I did its” happen every period, thanks to our dedicated and patient WoFro staff.  Led by Joel, Peter and Maurice, the waterfront crew inspires each boy to accomplish what he never thought he could do. 

Take waterskiing.  That’s something that most have never done before coming to Skylemar.  Mo, Mufasa, Nick, Jack, JFink, James, Neil and Mary have a magical way of coaxing you into giving it a try.  From putting on your ski to getting into the water with you, they guarantee that every boy will be successful.  First it’s the boom, where the counselor is right next to you on the boat.  Then it’s the short rope.  Then it’s the long.  It may take a few tries, but in no time you’re up on your own!  Now that’s an “I did it”!  Today alone every member of Bunks 1 and 2 got up!  And tomorrow, some will try Wakeboarding and Kneeboarding for the very first time. 

Ty, Picnic, Crowe, Joey, Hattie, BRadd, JP, JD, Luci and AJ are equally inspiring on the swim dock.  From beginners to advanced, they do whatever it takes for each boy to succeed.  Best of all, they keep it fun.  Many times the kids don’t even know they’re being taught, thanks to a creative approach.  Those new to the water get plenty of private instruction to make them safe and strong.  Those with proficiency are challenged to become great instead of good.

Everyone also learns to canoe, kayak, SUP (Standup Paddle Boards) and sail, with the guidance of the non-motorized boat crew.   It’s quite an accomplishment to be the captain of your own Sunfish.  As you learn, it’s reassuring to know that a favorite counselor is right there whenever you need him or her.

You may have noticed that we wear life jackets when jumping on The Beast or climbing The Iceberg.  That’s because the water’s deep, and Joel and Peter believe that everyone should share in the fun.  Friends can be with friends, despite a difference in swim level.  Besides, climbing up a giant inflatable is definitely an “I did it”. 

Thanks, WoFro Crew.  Your t-shirt says it all.  @Skytrickypond.  #thebestplaceonearth.